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Cobots in Singapore

Cobots: the solution to Singapore’s Industry 4.0?

"The National Robotics Programme in Singapore has been scaled up this year with over 450 million dollars for support."

Regarding Industry 4.0, Singapore still has a long way to go. Most of its manufacturers are not even at Industry 3.0. They are held back by concerns like high capital investments and applicability. However, if nothing will change, the long-term relevance and competitiveness of the more than 2.000 manufacturers in Singapore could be hurt. To prevent this unwanted future, Singapore is investing in cobots as a possible solution to Industry 4.0.

The coming of cobots

Cobots (collaborative robots) are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers say that these robots have the potential to revolutionize production with their many advantages. They are flexible to handle short runs, repetitive and boring jobs, and ergonomically challenging tasks. Further, they are easier trainable than big industrial robots. And for many manufacturers the biggest advantage: they are affordable. The cheapness of computer power and sensors lower the costs and make the cobots therefore more available to businesses of all sizes. Because robotics is one of the pillars of Singapore’s future economy, the government strongly supports it with its National Robotics Programme.

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National Robotics Programme

The National Robotics Programme in Singapore has been scaled up this year with over 450 million dollars for support. Deploying and developing new technologies to solve problems relevant for the whole industry can drive industry-level transformation, according to finance minister Heng Swee Keat. His idea about robotics technology is that it enables to work more effectively in a tight labor market. Next to that, it can create more high value-added jobs as well. Therefore, the ministry is working with solution providers so that small and medium-sized enterprises can be offered packaged solutions at a reasonable cost.


The first crucial step in the transformation is understanding how cobots can help the business in its competitiveness. If the manufacturers do not embrace the shift towards cobotisation, it simply will not work. When accepted, a good starting point for the manufacturers in Singapore would be to redesign work spaces so that humans and robots can work together in a collaborative and mutually reinforcing way.

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2 Thoughts on “Cobots: the solution to Singapore’s Industry 4.0?

  1. I fully agree with the introduction statement. Especially SMEs need to embrace the digital revolution and adopt new technologies a lot faster. That is not to say you mast have a full-fledged IoT, or cobots or whatever fancy thing in place. Rather improving the day-to-day operation by using some smart interconnectivity technologies will increase productivity, provide quick ROI and build your foundation for the next move towards a smart factory. It is not a matter of if but when manufacturers will be challenged by this global development and battle for their survival. Dream big, start small and get yourself help from outside.

  2. Lovely list. This information is really very helpful. Thanks for the sharing.

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