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Talent: the number one driver of manufacturing competitiveness

"Skilled workers belong to the top categories that are very difficult to recruit."

The key to success in the manufacturing industry? Talent. Talent is ranked as the most important driver of competitiveness. If you want to become and stay successful in the manufacturing industry, ensuring talent is top priority. Enough attention needs to be paid to creating and finding the right employees. Companies should seek for the workforce of the future and should learn their existing staff how to work with the new technologies made possible by Industry 4.0. This goes for all manufacturing companies worldwide. How are countries globally currently doing with respect to talent?

More talent trough an integrated educational system

Developed nations, such as the United States, Germany and Japan, are the most competitive nations regarding talent. For instance, in Germany, classroom instruction is more and more combined with work experience. This integrated educational system has a great positive impact on talent. Therefore, several countries are trying to emulate this model to rank higher on talent and become more competitive.

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The number of graduates is not a guarantee

China and India have a sheer volume of science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates that emerge from their education systems. However, when it comes to talent, these countries still have a lot of room for improvement. A majority of these graduates lack sufficient practical training skills and are because of that not employable yet. Having large numbers of graduates does therefore not necessarily guarantee a manufacturing benefit.

Recruiting skilled workers remains a challenge

For a lot of countries, availability of a qualified workforce is still a challenge. Skilled workers belong to the top categories that are very difficult to recruit. The evolving demographics is for some countries a big reason why they are facing this challenge. Because of the aging population it becomes even more important to educate the new generation in the skills that are strongly needed in the future.

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