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Alabama's manufacturing industry

A bright year for Alabama

"Alabama is the place to be for manufacturers in the plastic and steel sector"

Alabama’s automotive manufacturing industry is rapidly growing. Around 1993, automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz founded a car manufacturing plant in Alabama. Since then, various other large companies from the automotive industry – like Toyota, Honda and Hyundai – started the production of vehicles in the so-called Yellowhammer State. The fast growing sector has made the state incredibly attractive for manufacturers in the automotive industry. Not only companies manufacturing end products, but also manufacturers of spare car parts are increasingly eyeing expansion. And this period of prosperity comes with the creation of lots of manufacturing jobs.

A good year
When it comes to job creation, 2014 was already a good year. According to Eprisenow, Alabama added 7,100 manufacturing jobs over the last year. Especially the city Enterprise did well, providing around 10% of the newly added jobs. Most of the jobs added by companies in Enterprise have been created by HS Automotive Alabama Inc., manufacturer of rubber automobile parts. Another area in which increasing employment is visible, is the aircraft industry. About 200 new jobs have been added by Arista Aviation in 2014.

Metal and plastic manufacturing
As Alabama’s automotive industry is flourishing, the demand for metal and plastic parts is constantly rising. Thus, demand for these two materials has led to increasing job creation. Yellowhammer News writes that Alabama’s economy is even cranking out 9 times as many jobs in the plastic and steel sector as the overall U.S. economy. So if you are a plastic or metal manufacturer, Alabama is just the place to be.

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